Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 JUNE 2010

hello semua..
letih sungguh. sampai2 saja rumah terus kena tidokan Addra..
tp si kecik tuh xnk tido plak. kene layn maen cak2. nak tguk ronaldo pon terbantut ;p

okey..just got back from KLCC..boleh plak bantai jumpe kete Furqan kat sne..
td makan kt chilis. PAKCIK TREAT'S!!!!!!!!! * drumrool* hahahah
igt senang nk dpt?? 2 tahun berapa bulan x ingat tunggu niiee!!
i had my fire drill chicken and forto ape tah x igt..makan je igt! ^o^

okey2..now back on track..
i just feel calm as calm as cucumber..
tadi ym ngn someone that i really anggap her as my sis.
for me , she is so nice n so briliant.
she is so humble so calming person. n guess what? she' single.
i bet her byfie must be so lucky! ;p

then suddently her ym got prob and she texted me saying sorry.
its okey kak..i just had enough eventhough sekejap je chat td.
terima kasih. u understand me well n well n well.
i never say this out loud but i love u truly from my heart. for me u r like a sister who cncern each n everything about me. i love u to bits!! muahh2!!

tomorow? i need to wake early in the morning and and and jaga addra lah macam biasa.
i have something on my mind td nk tulis but dah lupa. takpe. later. heheheheh
so till then everyone..

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