Thursday, November 27, 2008


eim ran!!!! aku terime nasihat ko!!
haahha..let it out on blog!!
tp aku mmg bengang!!
aku xleh ckp nape aku bengang!! tp mmg aku bengang sgt!! n aku harappppp2 lerrr
YA ALLAH!!! harap2 leee..
die x buat mcm tu kat aku..
im start to worry rite now!!!!!!!!!
Oh GOD..pleese help me!!!!!!!!!!!


hmm..tis evening, i received a call from *****..hehe..
as usually..he said the same thing to me..
i want to write the details of our conversation but i noe my sis is reading tis blog.. :p
so i can't lah..*shyshy*..bcoz she will link tis blog to my other sista n then that sista will story to my other sista n my other other sista will have curiousity n ask me..
n at last will smpai to my mum..n i alredy noe wut will my mum said..
"ima,awat hang ni gatai sgt???"
that time i will only answer..
" like father like daughter" or more hot statement
"like sisters like lil sista" hahahahah..agree??agree??kuikui..
just now i watched ria cntral..its about Afgan's album..
tis is my first time watching him on TV..he's cute!! heheh..n i love his song so much!!
'Terima Kasih Cinta'
hmm..wuts more??? haa... im running out of money n lets make it easier..im Broke!!! hahaha
due to all my money has gone nowhere i dont noe...
haiya..sad!!! :(

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i send a sms to shah when he asked to join them lepaking at geleri petronas..
"huh..ima n atoy dh berangkat nek sepandu ni!! ketaq lutut nak chek result!!!"
hahahaah..mmg ketaq lutut pon!!!
sapini alredy sms me asking bout the result but im not check my result yet..
when i reach home..i opened Uniten's website ( dgn berdebar-debarnye)..
then i almost screammmm becoz the first subject is Account! n my gred for account isssss...*shutshut* menci tol r account niee!!! hee..
acctly its not a bad result..i reach my target..*smilesmile*
i have to b satisfied..but im not satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!
hahah..alredy promish2 wit pini..nex sem..lg better ok?!


hello oulss!!!!
today i went to KLCC wit my dearest atoy!!!!!
i woke up early in the morning then follow my sis to her office at titiwangse..
we had our breakfast n suddently my eyes cought someone who passed yanie's table wit pink shirt..!!
"yanie sape tuuu???..handsome la!!!!heheheh"
"nth..akak pon xpnh ckp ngn die..die temporary je..name pon xtau"
ces..sndri punye officemate pon xtau ka???heheh..he's cute! seriusly..heheeh..
then from titiwngse i took a cab ( dlm hati,mintk2 la aku nek teksi tunaii!! kahkahkahkah) to klcc..
it only cost me RM4..while waiting for atoy, i usha2 perfumes from Dior n Lancome..wuwuwu..
i lykee Dior!! but nex time la buy..rugi je beli skng..
we choose to watch a movie..i damnly want to watch Move It! move it! but atoy want to watch Quarantine..so i said..oklah!..our show ws at 12.20pm. we had about one hour to merayau2 first..
we bought pretzel n meridien coctail drinks..(sume ni msuk dlm beg then mkn dlm cinema..kuikui)
we enjoyed Quarantine so muchh!!! best siott!! atoy n me were hugging each other..i tink if atoy was not next to me..i will hug whoever next to me lah!! hahaha..
then we had our lunch at Chillis wit Kimy!!! hehe..makin cumil ko yehh Kimy!!
we eat eat eat n citcat n luff!! igtkan nk jln2 nek kete Kimy but Kimy said he has to go back earlier!! damnn..so Kimy just take us round2 at the carpark!! ahahahaha..xkesahlahh..asalkan dpt merase Kimy bwk kete..heheh..i met Yana wit her Bf..toink!! n also i met SHAH wit his frenn!!..
ouhhh!! almost forget!! i bought new outfit from ZAra..tentengteng!!hehehe..igt nk beli beg sekali kt Topshop but atoy influent me not to buy just becoz that beg dont have a side pocket..daa???
yanie's wait for me at Kl central then straightly we went to Putrajaya!!!!
we had our dinner n go back home!!
thanks to atoy for accompany me todayy!!! love love love love ya!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


arghhh..im such a sensitive gurl!!
hmmm..today,againnnn..i noe about something that i shudnt noe
or in a simple way..i dont need to noe..buttt..its good to noe bcoz i will think again n over again n hibernate..
i think its too much for me n for them..
i can't be selfish n at the same time i can't be unfair to myself..
its really makes me down..its really makes me sad..
n im going to try harder to calm me and forget everything happened.
seriusly i do miss my real lyfe..
i will considers someone's advice to me..
"ima,cuti ni pk lah baik2..mungkin ssh sbb die dkt dpn mate,jgn terlalu mudah pecya dkt org lain,kite kne pk untuk diri sndri"
i noe..its not easy for me..but i'll try to back off..
alredy done with one step..its all up to her..im a person who forgive n forget easily..

will b right back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

love is perfect..

Terbawa aku dalam rasa
Yang selama ini terlupa
Ooohhh Ooooh
Mungkinkah ini cinta…

Hatiku cuba
Tuk mencari
Kemana aku telah pergi
Ooohh Oooh
Mungkin ini semua mimpi

Hanya ilusi
Cinta yang menipu
Keindahan yang semu
Semua hanya palsu
Keindahan semu
Semua hanya palsu

Bawa aku
Keindahan yang tak semu
Peluk aku
Jangan pernah
Kau biarkan
Ku terlupa padaMu

Kasihku tempatku mengadu
Takkan ada cinta yang bisa sempurna
Selain kepadaMu


hmm..i forget to write bout tis..
last nite midie gv me a call :)..owhhh!!! i miss u damn much midiee!!!
he called me and we had a long cit cat..he just listen to me n myampok skit2 jee..
i told him everything happened to me..:( n i feeelll sooooo relievee!!!!! n maxis also se akan2 jeles kerane dgn tibe2 nye line xde!!! hishhh!! dengki btoll!!!
he understd n keep gv me support..thanks midiee!!! :)
u really understd me..n thats y i miiiiisssss uuu!!!
i can't wait to c u!! seriuslyy!! i will start counting days from now on!! hahah


today was not one of my boring day.. :)
at 2 pm, me n yanie went to maybank to open my new acct but there r so so many pple there and we have to wait bout 1 hour..we r running out of time so bye2 mybank..
then we went to hartamas n had our lunch at BBQ Chicken..nyummy2..
then we still have time and seeking for a cupcakes then we entered Celicakes shop.
only have several design of cupcake there n i bought mini carrot cake cost rm8.80..it's realllyyy delicious!!!! reaally2 okey!! me n yanie mkn cake tu mcm org gile dlm kerete. n yanie decide to but another 10 pieces of that carrot cake for yana hantaran.
after that we went to alam medic clinic at ara damansara due to yanie's appotment wit her patient. i waited in the car bout half n hour smbil berangan2 n menyanyi2..heheh
our journey is not end yet as we drove straightly to Lina's houz at Shah Alam n gave her Monavee. in the car Hirul keep saying lapar2..haiyaa..its a hint!!!
we went to Sunway Pyramid n had our dinner at Waffel World. I dont noe y but my mood for shopping was 100% today..
i entered Mark n Spencer n the outfits cought my eyes!!! i like this that n this n that..owh! so many..then i berlari2 msuk Guess pulak..cr beg..oh cantiknye beg tu..wallet ni pn cntik jgk..eh tapi ni lg cntik kott..haiiihhh!! then i saw another boutique oppsite Guess,mSlfridge!!
this is wut i said;
" uihh cantiknye bajuuu nieee...eee..kdai ni xde sale ke?????"
hahahaha..harge pon cantik dolll!! merah2 mate tgukk..ahahhaah
but we have to rush becoz Hirul nk balik kg..time2 ni plak dah die nk balik kg,kaco jeee..:P
we reach home at 9 pm n tired tired n tired!!
dah xtau nk ckp pe lagi..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

nite air..

im so boring at home..
so just now my sis drove me to alamaninda!! hoorey2
we had a very quick shop bcoz kami terkebil2 melihat harge bju2 semue..
"nape murah2 sgt niiiee"..so sgt eager nk membeli pdahal duet xde n then we heard
"Dear customer, we will close at 10 mins time"..n then yanie said..
" ha ima..ambik jela mane2 pnn..cpt2!!!"
"nak ambik yg mane niee????"
"ambik jela mane2 pon..ha tu ha ke tu ke tu ke..ha ambik jelaa!!"
so i took da green diesel t shirt n paid..then we had our lurrrrveeelylorh2 starbuck otw home!
yummy!! its alredy late a nite now..so nyte2..

* nyte2*


tis is my new templete..
but it will b replace by time to time..
i still dunt have mood for blogging..so wait yaa!!


hey hey hey..
i have a brand new blog..
saje2 buat untuk mengisi kebosanan..
im searching for a new templetes but currently theres an error occur
and i have to wait a moment..
wait for the new templetes yaa..