Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 perkara tentang Irma.

1. aku bukan seorang yang sempurna tapi aku suka simple. sometimes less is more.

2. aku suka warna merah, hitam and hijau..=)

3. aku anak bongsu yang sangat sensitive. mengada-ngada lah katakan.

4. aku suka ikat rambut.tak suka lepas.rimas..

5. aku suka assesories.tapi kadang-kadang aku tak tahu assesories apa yang aku suka..sigh

6. aku suka sangat minum air yogourt. sebab tu aku mokmok.haha!~

7. aku tak boleh hidup kalo dalam wallet aku kosong.at least kena ada 50ringgit.baru rasa save.

8. aku respect orang yang boleh bawa kereta.tak tahu kenapa sebab ramai org boleh bawa kereta.( apakah?)

9. aku tak pandai jaga barang even aku sayang sangat barang tu.( ni mmg masalah aku )

10. aku potong rambut setahun sekali..kot..

11. kalau mandi, aku suka cakap sorang-sorang. ( gila tahap dewa..=> )

12. aku suka lukis gambar baju kahwin aku.hihi..

13. aku ni pelupa.kadang-kadang aku blurr sepanjang hari.

14. aku suka makan petai! faveret aku..tak boleh tahan beb!

15. aku jarang jeles dengan orang..(pecaya tak? believe it!)

16. aku suka simpan resit.tak kisah la resit apa.kadang-kadang buat semak wallet je.

17. aku suka balik kampung.hihi..sebab aku suka kampung!

18. aku boleh terima semua jenis orang dalam hidup aku.tapi aku tak suka pemarah..hidup selalu kena chill bro..=)

19. aku tak suka bear..heeee

20. aku sayang gila family aku! no doubt!

heheh..ni jela yang aku boleh senarai..20 things about me.
how about u???


Malam ni susah untuk aku lelapkan mata, mungkin kerana seseorang yang aku suka melakukan sesuatu yang aku tak suka.Mungkin kerana seseorang yang aku suka, bermuka-muka. Mungkin kerana seseorang yang aku suka, sebenarnya tak suka pada aku. Well...to look at the bright side. Johnny Depp pun bukan semua orang suka. Haha. Memang optimis aku ni. - padahal nak sedapkan hati sendiri.Mungkin sebab aku bukan Chuk. Aku cuma Irma. Irma 'yang silap orang la nak control'. Mungkin juga sebab aku sekadar Irma yang confuse dengan perasaan aku sendiri - seperti kata seorang kawan baik @ private confidante. Jadi sekarang aku tau kenapa aku dibiar untuk berahsia. Ignorance is bliss. Said some.Some things are better left hidden or unsaid.

Some things are better left hidden or unsaid , and just hide it and walk off.Aibmu adalah aibku.Rahsiamu adalah rahsiaku. Ego aku dah tak tahu kemana lesapnya. Air muka aku terus kering tersejat entah sebab apa. Maruah aku jadi dadu yang dicampak untuk pusingan yang seterusnya. Kewarasan aku tak berdiri betul lagi. Tapi...Alhamdulillah. Aku segera muhasabah diri. Selepas 5 tahun, aku dapat tahu yang hati aku masih boleh digunapakai rupanya. Dia ada rasa: "S.A.K.I.T"Sakit? Maknanya kau hidup. Telan sakit tu bro, kasi potong manis yang lu dah makan bertahun-tahun.

Demikian halnya...Kita jumpa bila aku dah 'sihat'. Awaluddin Ma'rifatullah.


talking with a very sincere heart,
I am feeling a whole lot better,
Than I was the other day,
Thank you for your help,
That is what I want to say,
Brought me round to thinking,
That what I did was wrong,
Although we are not talking,
You still helped me get along,
I want you to know I am sorry,
I mean it from my heart,
For every stupid thing I did,
To make us drift apart,
I care about you very much,
You will always be a part of me,
I will make something of myself,
Now you just wait and see,
I will keep on dreaming,
That I meant something to you,
For this does give me comfort,
And it helps to get me through,
I am such a pain in the ****,
But I will try my very best,
To let you get on with your life,
And give you a bit of rest,
Remember all my good points,
If there are any that you know,
Please forget all the bad ones,
Before you turn away and go,
I know that you have left me,
I cannot promise not to cry,
But I do love you my friend,
I guess this is my last goodbye.


talking with a very sincere heart..

for me, she have a beatiful face...
for me, she have a good body..
for me, she neither then a word perfect when looking appearantly..
for me, knowing her was okay..
for me, i accept her the way she are..
for me, i pity on her for her situation..
for me, she is not always right..hope she realise..
for me, i hurt her so many times..
for me, she hurt me double times i guess so..haha
for me, she cant get whatever she want..
for me, sometimes i hate her..
for me, she doesnt count anyone feeling..
for me, she have to learn something to be at the bottom..
for me, wondering how long i cant stand..
for me, sadly when knowing everything..
for me, cant really forget what happen..
for me, everyone dislike her..why???
for me, i dont like when she talking big..haha..
for me, everyone are lucky..
for me, boy are not everything..
for me. dont be to stburn..
for me, i guess im losing her...

i just dont know what to do now..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

19th birthday..

walla!!! im 19th years old now..thanks to my lovely houzmate for the so-called-surprise cake!
delicious!! hihi and thanks for ngek and haziq for joining the dinner also..
thanks for everyone who wished me that day..till today,i still received the birthday wishes.thanks!

as i said before,i want to be a new person..
while blowing the candle at wawa ridan In, haziq remind me to make a wish first..
yeaa..dlm hati,nsib bek haziq igtkan..huhu..
i made the wish but i guess let only me noe what wish i've made.
i just hope,day by day,time passing by, everything will be fine..

i reached home today at 12pm.mum picked me at serdang.
i slept all day long and have any kind of dreams.apalah!
and i woke up when rihana called me telling she got 2nd place for public speking!

Daddy give me the L for my bday present..im very very happy for that..
kak yong only give me cash..hurm..kemut! hihi..
and today i received bundle of works from yanie..tape2..t shirt polo punye psl..sanggup buat..
and now im lil bit tired..going to bed..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the best i ever had..

here we go..hehe..another of my faveret lyrics..
found it when i beleking my hp..enjoy!!

So you sailed away
Into a gray sky morning.
Now I'm here to stay,
Love can be so boring.
Nothing quite the same now,
I just say your name now.
But its not so bad,
You're only the best I ever had.
You don't want me back.
You're just the best I ever had.
So you stole my world,
Now I'm just a phony.
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely.
Sending in the weather
Make yourself feel better.
But it's not so bad,
You're only the best I ever had.
You don't need me back.
You're just the best I ever had.
And it may take some time to patch me up inside.
But I can't take it so I run away and hide.
And I may find in time that you were always right.
You're always right.
So you sailed away, into a gray sky morning.
Now I'm here to stay,
Love can be so boring.
What was it you wanted?
Could it be you're haunted?
But its not so bad, Y
ou're only the best I ever had.
I don't want you back.
You're just the best I ever had. T
he best I ever had.
Best I ever had. (Fading)


hurrrmm..some pple might say anything they want, some pple might think anything they want..
what am i trying to say nie???
huh..nothing laaaa..lots of thing keeeppp bothering me right now..
sometimes i do think that aku ni mmg problematic ke?
of it just that im thinking too much?????
yeaaa..dats it.im thinking too much..so that some pple called me PSYCHO!
its their right..even i feel like want to jump over a building when i read he said that,but i keep remind to my self..not his fault.not his fault.its my fault.so i let him..mybe that the best way..
my terrible life is getting terible days by days, what am i hoping now..someday..
may the glory of happiness occurrs on me and when that days is arrive..
i will Thanked TO ALLAH becz still giving me an opportunity to feel HAPPY.
and i still hope i have my last one chance to feel happy when im sitting with BLurry ANd sHAH becz they are my happiness in inner way.,but they dont noe about that.bcz IM a PSYCHO!


Ok people. You can kill me for this. This is yet to be another crappy shit I'm gonna post up. I'm just doing it to fill time. Ignore please? ;)

90. First off, what is your name?
*Siti Irma Bt Rosli

89. What did you do last night?
*Going online as usual?

88. Do you have a best friend that you can talk to 24/7?
*My best friends will always be there when I need them.

87. Do you have any siblings?
*Yep. 4 adorable sisters and a caring brother.

86. How many years apart is your mom and dad?
*7years apart..huh..

85. Do you like someone?
*Yes I do.'

84. What does the 7th message in your text inbox say?
*It's from Blurry saying "jgn nk ngade lh"

83. Who sits beside you in history?
*Changes every year..Mostly with Charpeenie

82. Where is your dad right now?
*Hmm.home..sleeping i guess?

81. Do you burn incense?

80. Do you have a problem?
*Always with me. Never seemed to go away.

79. Who is the 5th person you got a missed call from?
*My sister.

78. Closest purple object?
*box of perfume..nice one!

77. Closest silver object?
*My Bonia watch..

76. Closest yellow object?
*sapini's beg.

75. Do you sing in the shower?
*always..like frog!

74. What is bugging you right now?
*There are a few things, not to be mentioned.

73. How does your hair look right now?

72. Do you know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner?
*No, of course notttt.

71. When is the last time you said the pledge of allegiance?
*Muahahahaha..donno lah..

70. If you could kill someone, who would it be?
*Hmmm. she..

69. Do you have any fears?
*Yes. i do..and im facing it now..

68. What do you hear right now?
*There's just silence.

67. Do you like kangaroos?
*Aha. Boleh la.

66. Can you roll your tongue?
*yes.izit important?

65. What are you wearing?
*A tee and pants..

64. Who was the last person to message you?
*sapini, a few seconds ago.

63. Do you like emo kids?

62. Screamo or Country?

61. Rock or Rap?
*A bit of both.

60. Polka or Disco?
*None. Ehh. Entah. Haha.

59. Flying or Driving?
*Both jugakkk.

58. Who last called you?
*sapini..again..nmpk sgt rindu aku..

57. Was your Valentine’s day nice?
*Note the question. Was. Hrmm. well, used to. Haha.

56. What are you doing now?
*Bende ini lahhh.

55. Who was the last person you said I love you to?
*??? cant remember..

54. Would you die for someone?
*Yes.for him..

53. Would you date anyone from your work?
*Depends on the situation, when I'm working nanti.

52. Do long distance relationships work?
*When there's trust, faith, good communication, loyalty and when there's love, it will work.

51. Do you have any pet peeves?
*No lahhh.

50. Do you have to pee right now?
*Weird punya question. Cis. Tak lah.

49. When did you last talk to one of your siblings?
*erm..yesterday..a lil time at home..sigh

48. What are you doing tomorrow?
*classes!!! duh!!

47. Do you worry about getting older?
*Haha. Yes I do.

46. Have you ever had an ingrown toenail?
*Ouch. No.

44. Ever drink your blood?
*where's number 45? I'm not a vampire. Hahahaha.

43. Do your bandaids have cartoons on them?

42. Do you bite your nails?
*Nope. Never had that habit.

41. Do you wax you eyebrows?
*Na ah.

39. Do you check CelebPox.com for celebrity gossip?
* No. Malas. No time. Dont care. Haha.

38. Do you have a jar where you keep your loose change?
*My loose change is let loose. Hahaha.

37. Do you own a pogo stick?

36. Ever gone a whole day without eating?
*Yuppp. Lapar giler.

35. Do you own ripped jeans?
*Hahahahahahahahaha. And it ripped somewhere where it's not supposed to rip! Grrrr.

34. What makes you mad?
*Several things.

33. What would you do if you found out that you were adopted?
*I have not thought of that.

32. Are you jealous a lot of the time?
*Yes I do. I get jealous easily.

31. Do you use a calendar or day planner to schedule everything on?
*Everything will be scheduled in my head. Haha.

30. Are you happy?
*Now? not very happy.im stuck with problems

29. Do you have an admirer?
*yes i don.

28. Do you have low self esteem?
*Hahahaha I do.

27. Who can make you laugh during the hardest time?
*atoy and sab.. ;)

26. What was the last thing you watched on TV?
*Hrmm..dah lame tak tgk tv. Haha.

25. When was the last time you had professional pictures taken?
*Tak pernah kot. Wehh jap does makeover potraits count? Haha.

24. Have you done a whitening treatment on your teeth?

23. What is your favorite movie?
*Banyak sangat laaaa ishyyy.

22. Who do you love?
*My family, my besties,him.

21. What is playing on your MP3 player right now?
*On iTunes. Running Back - Jessica Mauboy.

20. What holiday is your birthday closest to?
*Entahla. Takde kot.

19. What’s your favorite drink?
*Chocolate Cream Chip kat starbucks. But since this boycotting thing is going on, its now Orange Blended kat JCO Donut.

18. Do you own any big sunglasses?
*Mine are not that big lah kot.. sume macam medium sized?

17. Bed sheet color?
*green yellow?

16. Ever encountered a shark?
*Not in real life.

15. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
*Haha. Yeppp.

14. Have you ever bungee jumped?
*Nooo. But would want to try it one day nnt. I need to overcome my fear of heights.

13. Where was the last place you went besides your house?
*LAila's Houze!

12. What’s the first thing you notice about the same sex?
*Hot ke tak. Muahahaha.

11. Is it hard to express your feelings to someone?
*What kind of feelings? Susah jugak kot. Even to the ones I'm close with.

10. Why are people such self-centered beings?
*I don't want to think now.

9. Are you sad?
*A bit.

8. Are you happy?
*Didnt I answer this already? A bit.

7. Favorite day of the year?
*Adelaaaaa. =P

6. Have you ever licked someones cheek?
*Jap. Pikir jap. Hahahahaha. Kidding!

5. Watched all Spiderman movies?

4. What are you looking forward to?
*This coming Friday..=)

3. Favorite cereal?
*Kelloggs Special K, Cheerios, Koko Crunch.

2. Have you ever ridden in a BMW?

1. Do you want to get married?
*Yes I do.

Friday, February 13, 2009


no mood for blogging..